Straight Conveyors

Custom designed for your application

Wire Belt offers a range of straight conveyors suitable for use in hygiene-sensitive environments common to the food and pharmaceutical industries. All of our conveyors are designed to ensure efficient operation, improved belt life and maximum cleaning ability.

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Straight conveyorWire Belt's straight conveyors are available fitted with Flat-Flex®, Versa-Link™, Compact-Grid™, or other belting to suit your needs. 

For processes where hygiene is of the utmost importance, our straight Flat-Flex® conveyors offer an open structure that affords hygiene operatives easy access to all areas of the conveyor, reducing the risk of contamination. Straight Compact-Grid™ conveyors are also available for applications requiring both an open and hygienic structure whilst providing full support for smaller products common to the baked snack industries.

Honeycomb and Eye-Flex® straight conveyors are available for more arduous applications as commonly found in the packaging and light engineering industries. As with all ConveyorTec units, these can also be supplied with inclined or declined frames, or simply as a table top unit to be fitted to an existing leg frame.

A wide range of optional features and special variants ensure the versatility to satisfy most application requirements.

Our straight conveyors feature an open construction with the belt being supported on polyethylene wear strip clipped to stainless steel framework. PTFE strip or stainless steel rod supports are also available depending on application requirements.

Our standard drive motors and controllers are supplied with IP66 enclosure protection and OS surface protection (drive motor only) to ensure suitability for intensive wash down processes. If required, customer specified drive systems can be fitted to suit each individual application.

Many options can be offered, including:

  • Trays under the conveyor
  • Pivoting infeed/discharge sections
  • Guarding under, or over, the conveyor
  • PTFE running rails or transfer rollers, for higher temperature applications
  • Swivel lockable castors
  • Alternative drive units
  • Inclining/declining layout complete with flight profiles for product support
All our ConveyorTec Conveyors are supplied with a manual which includes;
  • A recommended spare parts list
  • Lifting instructions
  • Care and Maintenance

If you need any help with any spares just call our Customer Service Team with your Conveyor Serial Number and they will be able to provide you with the information you need.