Filter Belt

Filter Belt

Wire Belt offer continuous food fryer filter belts suitable for a range of proprietary food fryer filter conveyors.

We are also able to offer various troughing paper filter support belts for use with filter paper.

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Oil Filter Belts

Filter conveyor beltThese belts, using an 80-micronmesh and a side chain drive, are supplied to suit a range of proprietary continuous food fryer oil filter conveyors. Standard belts are available from stock, other sizes are produced to order.

Troughing Paper Filter Support Belts

For industrial applications, handling small-machine parts, or swarf, we offer various troughing belts for use with filter paper.

There are various arrangements of this style of belt;

Honeycomb (Flat Wire) central mesh and loose flexible chain link mesh edges

Chain edge rodded central mesh and loose flexible chain link mesh edges

Other variations are available upon request.

Typical Applications:

  • Filtering
  • Swarf Removal
  • Elevating
  • De-Elevating
  • Proofing

Common Oil Filter Belt Specifications

Type Effective Mesh Width Wire Belt No. Standard Mesh Size
W/B 3 297mm 128100 80 micron
W/B 7 610mm 128101 80 micron
W/B 11 930mm 128103 80 micron
HC24* 663mm 128150 80 micron
CAM-FS 798mm 128160 80 micron

* Special build with lifter pins at chain edge mesh join position.

Other specifications are available upon request.


Belt Types Material
W/B 3, 7, 11 Stainless steel mesh, side chains, rivets & alligator joining clips. 
PTFE mesh packing piece.
CAM-FS Stainless steel mesh, side chains, rivets & alligator joining clips. 
PTFE mesh packing piece.
HC24 Stainless steel throughout.


Filter belt installation instructions                                                   

1.Ensure the tank is empty of oil and that the structure is cool before commencing work.  Before maintenance work on the belt can be carried out please release the tension mechanisms as advised by the technical handbook for the equipment (see diagrams 1a and 1b).

2. Prior to removing the belt it is best practice to remove the scraper assembly. Then continue by disconnecting the 2 chain edge connecting links and draw out the mesh connecting pin through the “alligator” connectors to open the belt. Ensure that all parts are collected to prevent them from falling into the machine. Remove the belt carefully.

3. Now gently feed the new belt into the machine, ensuring that the chain edge is properly engaging the sprockets. Once the belt is in place insert the mesh connecting pin (as shown in diagram 2), gently tapping by hand the “alligator” connectors as the pin is inserted

Diagram 2.


4. Reconnect the filter belt by means of chain connecting links and the fastening clips (diagrams 3 & 4).

Diagram 3.

Diagram 4.

5. You can now re-tension the filter belt, where necessary, in accordance with the manufacturers technical handbook.  Once you have ensured that you have left no tools or debris on the belt you can restart the machine, whilst monitoring the belt to ensure correct performance.  When the belt runs smoothly and without catching, re-fit the scraper assembly in accordance with the manufacturer's technical manual.

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