Compact-Grid Conveyor Belt

Improve efficiencies and your bottom line

Compact-Grid stainless steel conveyor belt is engineered to offer superior support for small products. The unique grid pattern provides 70% open area which makes it easy-to-clean and offers exceptional air and liquid flow-through properties for heating, cooling and coating operations. Compact-Grid’s no-slip positive drive provides the highest standard in belt tracking, which means the belt will run straight and true even under heavy loads. Joining Compact-Grid is fast and simple, making belt installation easy.

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Compact-Grid™ Advantages:

  • Compact-Grid conveyor beltSuperior support for smaller products
  • Belt joining is fast and simple
  • Excellent belt tracking, positive drive design
  • No welds as in competitive style belts
  • Easy to clean, clean-in-place
  • No places for product particles to be trapped
  • Lighter weight than many comparable belts
  • Perfect for frying, cooking, and cooling applications
  • 70% open area design allows for excellent drainage and airflow in both coating and heating/cooling operations
  • USDA Accepted

Typical Applications:

  • Heating
  • Drying
  • Cooling
  • Coating
  • Freezing
  • Frying
  • Baking
  • Elevating
  • De-Elevating

Standard Belt Data:

Pitch 10mm
Space Width (average) 10mm
Wire Diameter 1.6mm
Belt Thickness 5.2mm
Weight 4.9 kg/m2
Percent Open Area 70%
Opening Size (largest opening) ø10.6mm circle
Min Width 282mm
Max Width 3662mm
Max Working Tension 2.27 kg/joint • 227 kg/mtr width
Max Speed 45.7 m/min
Min Transfer Diameter 16mm
Min Drive Sprocket Diameter 51mm (8 teeth)
Available Materials 1.4310 (302) Stainless Steel 1.4401 (316) Stainless Steel

Belt Width Availability

Belt No. Belt Width (mm) Number of Spaces   Belt No. Belt Width (mm) Number of Spaces   Belt No. Belt Width (mm) Number of Spaces
CG00000 282 27 CG00057 1422 141 CG00114 2562 255
CG00001 302 29 CG00058 1442 143 CG00115 2582 257
CG00002 322 31 CG00059 1462 145 CG00116 2602 259
CG00003 342 33 CG00060 1482 147 CG00117 2622 261
CG00004 362 35 CG00061 1502 149 CG00118 2642 263
CG00005 382 37 CG00062 1522 151 CG00119 2662 265
CG00006 402 39 CG00063 1542 153 CG00120 2682 267
CG00007 422 41 CG00064 1562 155 CG00121 2702 269
CG00008 442 43 CG00065 1582 157 CG00122 2722 271
CG00009 462 45 CG00066 1602 159 CG00123 2742 273
CG00010 482 47 CG00067 1622 161 CG00124 2762 275
CG00011 502 49 CG00068 1642 163 CG00125 2782 277
CG00012 522 51 CG00069 1662 165 CG00126 2802 279
CG00013 542 53 CG00070 1682 167 CG00127 2822 281
CG00014 562 55 CG00071 1702 169 CG00128 2842 283
CG00015 582 57 CG00072 1722 171 CG00129 2862 285
CG00016 602 59 CG00073 1742 173 CG00130 2882 287
CG00017 622 61 CG00074 1762 175 CG00131 2902 289
CG00018 642 63 CG00075 1782 177 CG00132 2922 291
CG00019 662 65 CG00076 1802 179 CG00133 2942 293
CG00020 682 67 CG00077 1822 181 CG00134 2962 295
CG00021 702 69 CG00078 1842 183 CG00135 2982 297
CG00022 722 71 CG00079 1862 185 CG00136 3002 299
CG00023 742 73 CG00080 1882 187 CG00137 3022 301
CG00024 762 75 CG00081 1902 189 CG00138 3042 303
CG00025 782 77 CG00082 1922 191 CG00139 3062 305
CG00026 802 79 CG00083 1942 193 CG00140 3082 307
CG00027 822 81 CG00084 1962 195 CG00141 3102 309
CG00028 842 83 CG00085 1982 197 CG00142 3122 311
CG00029 862 85 CG00086 2002 199 CG00143 3142 313
CG00030 882 87 CG00087 2022 201 CG00144 3162 315
CG00031 902 89 CG00088 2042 203 CG00145 3182 317
CG00032 922 91 CG00089 2062 205 CG00146 3202 319
CG00033 942 93 CG00090 2082 207 CG00147 3222 321
CG00034 962 95 CG00091 2102 209 CG00148 3242 323
CG00035 982 97 CG00092 2122 211 CG00149 3262 325
CG00036 1002 99 CG00093 2142 213 CG00150 3282 327
CG00037 1022 101 CG00094 2162 215 CG00151 3302 329
CG00038 1042 103 CG00095 2182 217 CG00152 3322 331
CG00039 1062 105 CG00096 2202 219 CG00153 3342 333
CG00040 1082 107 CG00097 2222 221 CG00154 3362 335
CG00041 1102 109 CG00098 2242 223 CG00155 3382 337
CG00042 1122 111 CG00099 2262 225 CG00156 3402 339
CG00043 1142 113 CG00100 2282 227 CG00157 3422 341
CG00044 1162 115 CG00101 2302 229 CG00158 3442 343
CG00045 1182 117 CG00102 2322 231 CG00159 3462 345
CG00046 1202 119 CG00103 2342 233 CG00160 3482 347
CG00047 1222 121 CG00104 2362 235 CG00161 3502 349
CG00048 1242 123 CG00105 2382 237 CG00162 3522 351
CG00049 1262 125 CG00106 2402 239 CG00163 3542 353
CG00050 1282 127 CG00107 2422 241 CG00164 3562 355
CG00051 1302 129 CG00108 2442 243 CG00165 3582 357
CG00052 1322 131 CG00109 2462 245 CG00166 3602 359
CG00053 1342 133 CG00110 2482 247 CG00167 3622 361
CG00054 1362 135 CG00111 2502 249 CG00168 3642 363
CG00055 1382 137 CG00112 2522 251 CG00169 3662 365
CG00056 1402 139 CG00113 2542 253      
Note:  Widths are subject to the following manufacturing tolerances:-        

282mm   - 802mm:           -0 + 4.75mm
822mm   - 1302mm:         -0 + 6.35mm
1302mm - 2122mm:         -0 + 8.00mm
2122mm - 3662mm:         -0 + 9.53mm

If you have an enquiry for an existing application click here

If you have an enquiry for a new application click here

Compact-Grid™ Drive Components

Slim-Profile Sprockets

Slim-Profile sprockets are designed to be a light weight and energy efficient method for driving Compact-Grid™ conveyor belts.  Slim-Profile sprockets have less mass than our 1 or 3-piece options.  This means your conveyor won't have to work as hard to keep your process moving.

Slim-Profile sprockets are easy to install and easy to clean on your conveyor.  They come in a variety of materials such as stainless steel, polyacetal plastic, or high temperature PEEK material.

10mm Pitch Compact-Grid™ Slim Profile Sprocket Dimensions (mm) – 10mm wide.
No. of Teeth Outside Diameter* Root Diameter
5 (Idle Guide Only) 41.83 25.48
6 (Idle Guide Only) 47.80 32.02
7 (Idle Guide Only) 53.90 38.51
8** 58.07 44.97
9 64.51 51.41
10 70.94 57.84
11 77.35 64.25
12** 83.76 70.66
13 90.16 77.06
14 96.55 83.45
15 102.94 89.84
16 109.33 96.23
17 115.72 102.62
18 122.10 109.00
19 128.48 115.38
20 134.86 121.76
21 141.24 128.14
22 147.62 134.52
23 153.99 140.89
24 160.37 147.27
25 166.75 153.65
26 173.12 160.02
27 179.49 166.39
28 185.87 172.77
29 192.24 179.14
30 198.61 185.51
31 204.98 191.88
32 211.35 198.25
33 217.73 204.63
34 224.10 211.00
35 230.47 217.37
36 236.84 223.74
37 243.21 230.11
38 249.58 236.48
39 255.95 242.85
40 262.51 249.41

*Non-Extending flush tooth sprockets available on request please contact our Technical Sales Engineers
**Standard sizes
Click here for Slim Profile Set-Up Guide

3-Piece Stacking Sprockets

The 3-piece stacking drive set includes one tracking guide and two drive sprockets.  The idler set includes one guide and two blanks.  Various numbers of sets will be required across each shaft, and are determined by the belt width, belt length, and product loading.  These sprockets are primarily used on heavier loads.  If needed, the stackers are an excellent option for running the belt upside down where the tabs of the belt assist the product on a slight incline.

10mm Pitch Compact-Grid™ 3 Piece Stacking Sprocket Dimensions (mm)
No. of Teeth Drive Sprocket x 30mm wide. Tracking Guide Outside Diameter x 10mm wide. Support Blank OD x 30mm wide.
Root Diameter Driving Shelf Outside Diameter
8* 50.66 55.66 60.06 44.97
9 56.88 61.88 66.28 51.41
10 63.12 68.12 72.52 57.84
11 69.39 74.39 78.79 64.25
12* 75.67 80.67 85.07 70.66
13 81.97 86.97 91.37 77.06
14 88.28 93.28 97.68 83.45
15 94.59 99.59 103.99 89.84
16 100.92 105.92 110.32 96.23
17 107.24 112.24 116.64 102.62
18 113.58 118.58 122.98 109
19 119.91 124.91 129.31 115.38
20 126.25 131.25 135.65 121.76
21 132.59 137.59 141.99 128.14
22 138.93 143.93 148.33 134.52
23 145.28 150.28 154.68 140.89
24 151.63 156.63 161.03 147.27
25 157.97 162.97 167.37 153.65
26 164.32 169.32 173.72 160.02
27 170.68 175.68 180.08 166.39
28 177.03 182.03 186.43 172.77
29 183.38 188.38 192.78 179.14
30 189.74 194.74 199.14 185.51
31 196.09 201.09 205.49 191.88
32 202.45 207.45 211.85 198.25
33 208.8 213.8 218.2 204.63
34 215.16 220.16 224.56 211
35 221.52 226.52 230.92 217.37
36 227.87 232.87 237.27 223.74
37 234.23 239.23 243.63 230.11
38 240.59 245.59 249.99 236.48
39 246.95 251.95 256.35 242.85
40 253.31 258.31 262.71 249.22
*Standard sizes
Click here for 3 Piece Stacking Set-Up Guide

1-Piece sanitary drive sprockets

Compact-Grid's 1-piece sanitary drive sprockets are made with the highest of hygienic standards in mind.  Their one piece design makes them easy to clean, giving debris from your process/application no where to hide.

The 1-piece sanitary design also gives your process the maximum in belt tracking and more consistent conveying under heavier, more demanding loads.

Please contact our Technical Sales Engineers for more information.

Sprocket Materials:  

Standard:   1.4305 (303) stainless steel.
Options:     POM, 1.4436 (316) stainless.

Other options by special request contact our Technical Sales Engineers

Compact-Grid Flights

Compact-Grid flights are designed to move product up an incline or down a decline.  The width and height of the flight is easliy customised to accommodate many variations of products. The flight offers multiple fastening sites to assure integrity through the process.

Compact-Grid flights are designed with through-holes and side vents to allow hygienic drainage and drying after cleaning and sanitising.  Proven in field testing to outlast most belts, Compact-Grid flights can easily replace many flighted plastic modular belts.

Please contact our Technical Sales Engineers for more information

Compact-Grid Appropriate Conveyor LayoutsChoosing the Appropriate Layout:

While a number of conveyor circuitry layouts can be employed using Compact-Grid™, the most practical conveyor circuits are shown in (Figure 1). These will provide for the best performance with a Compact-Grid™ belt. Included are the “Simple” conveyor layout, the “S-Drive” conveyor layout, and the “Alternate S-Drive” conveyor layout.

Optimum performance of the Compact-Grid™ belt can be achieved using the “Simple” conveyor circuitry layout, provided that the discharge of product over the sprocket teeth is not objectionable. The other recommended layouts have advantages in product handling, and will eliminate any sprocket tooth contact with the product. Each layout has certain characteristics and benefits, depending on the application in which it is engaged. The customer should consult with our Technical Sales Engineers to determine what process variables will affect belt performance and work to choose the most appropriate layout for the situation.

Belt Supports:Compact-Grid belt supports

Generally speaking, if the product deflects the belt, then the belt must be supported. The type of product and the process will determine the specific type of belt support required. The objective is to use a support structure that creates the lowest friction between the underside of the belt and its supports.

Flat or round wear strips of Ultra-High Molecular Weight (UHMW) polyethylene are typically used to support Compact-Grid™. These are generally placed longitudinally down the length of the conveyor approximately every 150mm across the belt. Stainless steel supports will be needed in heat applications.

Joining Compact-Grid™

Compact-Grid joining toolCompact-Grid™ is one of the easiest conveyor belts to join in the market. Wire Belt’s Engineering Team designed Compact-Grid™ so that joining the belt would be a simple and swift process.

Wire Belt has custom designed the Compact-Grid™ Joining Tool Kit to make joining as simple and easy as possible. Each tool kit includes two joining levers, and one set of CG-Splice pliers. These tools are especially designed to help align and crimp the belt into place. The CG-Splice pliers are designed to provide a perfectly shaped crimp, making the joint complete without damaging surrounding wire strands, or over-crimping the joining strand.

Step 1

Compact-Grid Joining Step 1

Once the belt has been passed through the conveyor circuit, and properly located on the drive and idler components the leading belt-end hooks will align with the trailing belt-end loops… as shown in this photo.

Step 2

Compact-Grid joining Step 2

Insert the leading belt-end hooks into the trailing belt-end loops as shown.

Step 3

Compact-Grid joining step 3

Once the hooks and loops are joined together, the belt can be slightly tensioned, before the final steps in the joining operation are performed. Be careful not to over-tension the belt at this point because a little slack will be required for the next step.

Step 4

Compact-Grid joining step 4

After the appropriate amount of tension has been applied, the CG-Splice Levers can be inserted into the belt hooks and loops as shown here.

Step 5

Compact-Grid joining step 5

Once the CG-Splice Levers are in place, apply a slight amount of leverage to form a tented position before moving onto the next step.

Step 6

Compact-Grid joining step 6

With the CG-Joining levers in place, and the belt in a slightly “tented” position, the CG-Joining pliers can be used to crimp down the leading belt hooks. The pliers are designed to fit within the mesh of the belt, which enables the strand to be crimped to the proper depth.

Slim profile sprockets are an alternative solution for driving your Compact-Grid™ conveyor belts. Slim profile sprockets have less mass than our standard stacking Compact-Grid™ drive components which means your conveyor won’t work as hard to keep your process moving, increasing energy efficiency. Less mass also means the sprockets are manufactured using less material, translating into cost saving for you. Available in stainless steel or polyoxy-methylene (POM) plastic, they are easily installed on your drive setup. Contact our Technical Sales Engineers to find out if your application and conveyor setup is appropriate for slim profile sprockets.

Slim profile sprockets setup instructions:

  1. Begin by placing all sprockets on the drive shaft.
  2. Place each edge sprocket in the second space in from the edges of the belt. Make sure to count in from the strand with the C-Cure Edge loop (A-Strand below).
  3. Align and space the remaining sprockets between two edge sprockets. The drawing below may be used as a reference for a typical drive shaft setup.

Stacking sprockets setup instructions:

  1. Begin by placing all the drive sets on the drive shaft.
  2. Place each outside drive set in the second space in from the edges of the belt (shown below). Make sure to count the spaces in from the strand with the C-Cure Edge Loop (A-Strand below).
  3. Align and space the remaining drive sets as near evenly as possible between two outside sets making sure the guide sprockets are positioned in the same corresponding large space. For the idler setup, repeat steps 1-3 but align the tracking guide sprocket in the fifth space in from each edge.

Drive sprocket


Drive Set


Idler Set


drive and idler setup

Testimonials / Case Studies

Problem Solving

Our customers often call upon our knowledge and experience to develop and improve their manufacturing processes.  A recent example of this was a project undertaken on behalf of a major food manufacturing company.

The customer was experiencing reduced belt life on their existing belt at high speeds, (60m/min) caused by broken links.  The existing belt had welded links and this was where the belt was failing as early as 4 weeks.

Wire Belt choose CompactGrid as the solution to the customers reduced belt life problems, CompactGrid has an open mesh design that is ideal for high speed processing operations.  It has no welded links, reducing the chance of failure or contamination of product, ‘The belt runs very quiet and is a good hygienic solution I would recommend’ says the product development manager.   The belt has so far had a life of 4 months running 24/7 at 65m/min with a target of 6 months.

Reading Bakery Systems
Reading Bakery Systems

"Here at Reading Bakery Systems, Compact-Grid™ has been used with great success! We originally looked to Compact-Grid for its open area since we use it in an oven application. Now we also look to this product because of its durability, how well it tracks, ease of installation and how quickly it splices together."

"We also appreciate the great service we get from Wire Belt Company, they stand behind their products and are happy to help you in any way that they can."

Rich Risser
Mechanical Designer
Reading Bakery Systems


Conveyor belt improves yields, eases sanitation for Barber Foods

Portland, Maine-based Barber Foods has long had a strong foothold in the retail market for portion-controlled chicken products. In fact, it was the first company to offer stuffed chicken entrées — most notably its Chicken Cordon Bleu and Chicken Kiev products. Ensuring uniformity in those products is a top priority, and losing breading on a conveyor belt means lost revenue and extra time spent on the third shift.

A breaking belt
Barber Foods had been using a balanced spiral belt on its batter applicator, where the product was secured between two belts and moved through the batter mixture, but the belt kept breaking. “I was changing wires on a daily basis,” says Jayson Hebert, manufacturing engineer at Barber Foods. And in addition to the annoyance of such continual maintenance, Herbert says the downtime was costing the company up to £1500 to £2500 per minute.

The original belt’s thickness and belt mass also limited batter mixture flow through, creating excess batter carryout and coagulation of the crumb mixture in and around the belt. That coagulation often led to belt failure. Hebert knew it was time for a change. Enter Wire Belt’s Compact-Grid™. 

A new solution
Flow through immediately improved. “I got better pick up because it allows batter to flow through,” Hebert says. “There’s not as much build up on the belt, and it’s much easier to clean.” In fact, Hebert says the stainless steel Compact-Grid™ is very easy to sanitise because the belt has 70 percent open surface area, and is .20 inches thick, which helps circulate air and enhance drainage.

The previous belt’s breakages were costing the company an extraordinary amount of money, so Herbert saw almost immediate payback on his investment. What’s more, in contrast to the previous belt, Hebert says that the new belt is very reliable, adding that it was in use for a “month and a half before there was a single break.”

Universal appeal
Hebert now has the Compact-Grid™ on two lines and three different pieces of equipment — two batter machines and a transfer conveyor, which improves yield. Previously, Hebert was losing pieces of product because of the belt’s spacing. The Compact-Grid™ has an openness of 10 mm x 10 mm (3/8 inch x 3/8 inch). Now chicken fingers and entrée products move smoothly and easily with little interruption and Herbert can run strip meat on the conveyor without worrying that the product will fall through.

Everyone in the plant seems to be satisfied with the Compact-Grid’s performance. “It’s really easy to clean, so sanitation likes it. Production likes it because there are fewer product defects, and maintenance likes it because of its reliability,” Hebert says. “I plan to use this [belt again] in the future.”

Wire Belt’s Compact-Grid™ conveyor belt offers a cost effective solution to replacing hard to clean balanced spiral and plastic modular belts. At Barber Foods we dramatically reduced batter carryout, maximising product yield and minimising product waste. The 70% open surface and lower belt mass offered Barber Foods better flow through, speeding up production! 

By Alicia Karapetian 
Poultry Magazine


Conveyor Belt Makes Better Baked Even Better

Better Baked Foods needed a small transfer conveyor with a small radius transfer point and a belt that would allow spices to be passed through for reclaim ability. In addition, the conveyor belt had to be clean in place, stainless, durable and easily replaceable.

The North East, PA, - based baking company found its solution with Wire Belt Company. The company’s Compact-Grid™ belting is engineered specifically to handle smaller, delicate products while providing a lighter weight, open-mesh belt design. Moreover, the conveyor’s 70% open surface area gives optimal performance in processes where product coating, drainage and liquid/air circulation are factors.

“It met all of our needs and the technical support was first rate. We only need a few metres so our purchase order was very small, but we were treated as if we had an order of £20,000,” says Sam Triscari, Project Engineer at Better Baked Foods. “This conveyor has been in almost continuous for close to 10 months at an average of 10 hours a day, five days a week, and has been operating just like it was put in yesterday.”

The Compact-Grid raises the bar to the next level for metal conveyors by offering efficiency, easy cleaning and durable performance, even in tight spaces.

Snackfood & Wholesale Bakery Magazine



Conveying success

Wire Belt’s Compact-Grid™ solved Sunrise Foods’ conveyor belt surge problem while enhancing its overall conveying system

Sunrise Foods LLC, Albertville, AL a processor of value-added poultry products, was experiencing surge problems with a conveyor belt that enters and exits its IQF line. The company can run up to 4,000 lbs of IQF tenders and/or boneless breast an hour totaling up to 64,000 lbs a day on this belt. After reviewing its options, Sunrise chose the Compact-Grid™ from Wire Belt Company,

“The previous belt’s weight was causing surging because it was long. Wire Belt was the only company offering a lighter belt in the weight category and length we wanted,” said Kevin Huff, Sunrise Foods’ Maintenance Manager.

Compact-Grid™ is Wire Belt’s newest conveyor belt innovation. It’s engineered specifically to handle smaller, delicate products, while giving processors a light-weight, open mesh belt design that can outperform many competitive offerings, Wire Belt says. The system’s rugged framework offers maximum strength under significant loads, lessening the time processors will spend on maintaining their conveying system and reducing the number of belt replacements over time.

Installation on a plant conveying system is quick and easy. When the time arrives to replace a belt, Compact-Grid’s design allows processors to join or splice the belt on their conveyor by simply hooking the belt ends together and crimping to close.

The belt is ideal for a cooking operation, such as a conveyorised fryer or an oven, as well as transferring a product directly onto a cooking line. Made of stainless steel, the Compact-Grid™ won’t sweat, slip, droop or catch fire on a system like plastic conveyor belts can. It’s rugged, open design also makes it the perfect solution for cooling freshly baked or freshly fried products in high-volume, high throughput processes.

Multiple advantages
Advantages of the Compact-Grid™ include:

  • Lower belt mass offers increased efficiency

  • Lighter weight than many comparable conveyor belt options

  • Positive drive design eliminates expensive and heavy chain edged conveying configurations

  • Low power requirement means lower energy consumption in the drive systems

More open areas provide optimum cleaning and sanitation. Its 70% open area makes Compact-Grid™ easy to clean and keep clean. Its clean-in-place design means no clean-out-of-place tanks are required. And the belt doesn't feature closed “link-barrels” like plastic modular belts or woven-wire helixes, such as balanced-spiral wire belts. Equally important, there are no places for product particles to be trapped or for pathogens and allergens to hide.

Its grid pattern is designed for optimal product support and it allows maximum flow through for superior convection. Wire Belt says the system is perfect for cooking applications like frying and baking and ideal for high-speed cooling and drying operation. Compact-Grid’s open design allows for excellent flow-through and drainage in coating operations.

Designed with total cost in mind

No expensive tracking systems are required for Compact-Grid™ as are with friction-drive belts. And it offers a much tighter wrap capability than most friction-drive systems for improved conveyor-to-conveyor transfers minimising chance of product yield loss in high-speed operations.

The Compact-Grid™ is built to outlast other types of conveyor belting in the medium-duty performance category. Improved convection capabilities optimise performance and energy consumption in cooking and cooling operations. Its simplified splicing operation speeds installations and replacements, reducing maintenance time and lowering labour costs.

When asked what he likes best about the Compact-Grid™, Huff answers: “It’s compact, lightweight, easy to work with and easy to clean and sanitise. And Wire Belt has been great in responding to our service needs.”

Meat & Poultry Magazine