NEW! Enhanced Hygienic Conveyors

Newly Enhanced Hygienic Conveyors from Wire Belt Company meet the latest hygiene design guidelines, using innovative features to make cleaning easier.  The new conveyors are designed for any production facility where contamination is a prime concern, especially in industries such as food processing, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

The new conveyors include features such as an open, wash-through construction and open leg frames so there are no hidden areas. The conveyors are designed to eliminate crevices and 'bug traps' while surfaces are self draining.  Components such as foot pads are all made from food-approved materials.

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Flex-Turn® conveyors; Ladder-Flex™ conveyors for spreading, converging and diverging; and Straight conveyors.

Simplified wash through constructionOUR ENHANCED HYGIENIC CONVEYORS FEATURE:

  • Simplified wash-through construction.
  • Open section leg frames.
  • Clean-in-place.
  • Easy to sanitise, clean and maintain.
  • High density food grade blue plastic components.
  • No place for bacteria or allergens to hide.


FLEX-TURN® CONVEYORS - The hygienic way to convey around corners.
  • Gentle product handling minimises product damage.
  • Maintains product orientation around turns.
  • Easy to use, clean and maintain.
  • Unique non-collapsing tapered-pitch belt.
Flex Turn Conveyor Wire Belt Company

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LADDER-FLEX™ CONVEYORS - The hygienic way to spread, converge, and diverge.
  • Custom designed to accommodate your specific processing application.
  • Tight transfers with adjacent conveyors.
  • Product is fully supported across conveyor surface.
  • Inclining and declining options available.
Ladder Flex conveyors Wire Belt Company

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STRAIGHT CONVEYORS - The hygienic way to transfer your product.
  • Hygienic open structure offering access to all areas for ease of cleaning.
  • A wide range of optional features ensure versatility to satisfy most requirements.
  • Can be fitted with various options of conveyor belt to suit your needs.
Straight transfer conveyors wire belt company

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